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The chart below is a schedule which suggests timing for 6 fertilizer applications per year. The number of applications will vary depending on the needs of your lawn. It is best to never apply more than  1 lb. of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet at any single application.

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For new sod, it is critical to get the roots established quickly. A fertilizer with a suitable amount of phosphorus is best. By applying a fertilizer with a listing of 16-16-16 (at a rate of: 6.5 - 8 lbs / 1000 sq. ft.) to the bare ground, and watering it in lightly before installing the sod, you will greatly help to establish these new roots. Fertilize your sod about 4 weeks after installation, with a balanced fertilizer such as 16-16-16. Fertilize the sod when it is dry, followed by a thorough watering. This will reduce the chance of burning the grass. The first 2–3 applications should be with a balanced fertilizer, after which you can follow the guidelines for established lawns provided below.

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 For established lawns, aim toward 4–6 fertilizer applications per year (each one supplying about 1 lb. of Nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft.). Suggested applications dates can vary depending on weather (especially early spring and/or late fall). These are general guidelines to follow. Fewer or more applications may be necessary depending upon soil type, weather conditions, etc. Remember to apply fertilizer to a dry lawn, then water in well as soon as possible.